We work with different high-quality textile wholesale providers. Their collections have garments with their respective colour cards that we can offer our clients. Our regulars are Stanley & Stella, Continental, Bela Canvas, Kariban and more. We can also take on textiles brought by the brands.

Regarding stamping and technique selection, it is important to assess the adherence quality brought by each, the texture, finish and the purpose and use given to the garment to be printed on.

We use environmentally-respectful inks in our different marking techniques, which increases the chain of value for processes, and thus the final garment.

We offer a comprehensive printing and customisation service for garments:

  1. Assessment on the best technique to choose for stamping.
  2. Labelling service.
  3. Hang-tag placement, adhesive label.
  4. Barcode placement
  5. Folding
  6. Bagging
  7. Packaging under our client's specifications.
  8. Great production capacity

Embossing textil

Se trata de una técnica textil para dar a una imagen relieve sobre la camiseta, sudadera... tejido en general.

Screen printing with metallic or foil effect

Special finish on textile for a metallic effect

Screen printing with flocking effect

Special finish on fabric for a soft texture.

Four-colour printing

Multi-colour finish created with a blend of transparent CMYK inks.

Digital textile printing

Direct to garment printing, also known as DTG, is a method to directly stamp on the fabric in all colours, based on a digital file.


Industrial embroidery is a marking technique that uses an embroidering machine to put threads through the fabric with needles.

Textile screen printing

This is a stamping technique that consists of using a mesh screen to transfer an image, reproducing it on a textile surface.

Discharge Screen printing

Smooth finish on the fabric.

Textile sublimation

Sublimation is a stamping technique that transfers  the ink from a special paper to the   fabric through the application of heat.


The marking technique known as transfer is a textile vinyl transferred to the fabric by applying heat with an iron or heat press.

Textile Labels

Fabric sewn or adhered to the garment for identification purposes or as part of the design.