Work Wear

It is increasingly widespread to mark work wear, whether for small or for large companies. More and more, professionals have become aware of how important corporate identity is. They ensure that, in all aspects, the main graphic elements of their "brand" are cared for and consistent. For this reason, corporate colours, typographies, icons, etc., are all the same on stationary and/or digital marketing, and also on staff uniforms. Printing the logotype on work wear is the most customary option, since it is part of the company's visual identity and is the most visible and identifiable icon.

Depending on the company's sector, different garments with different characteristics are used. We work with large suppliers, including Velilla, a national work wear leader.


Work clothes for special occasions.

Accessories for work wear

Identification or elements for professional activity.

High visibility

Certified work wear designed to give visibility to people wearing it in hazardous situations.

Technical garments

Certified technical fabrics to protect or prevent a hazard or hazards.

Base industry

Most common garments used by professionals.

Food industry

Textiles that meet European standards for professionals in food and cold food handling.

Health and Hygiene

Uniforms for healthcare professionals, clinics, cleaning, pharmacies, etc.


Garments for the kitchen, dining room, bar, etc., as well as accessories.