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Dealers en España de la marca de ropa Stanley/Stella. A continuación puedes acceder al catálogo Stanley/Stella:

Design your T-shirt

We offer you a personalisation service for your printed T-shirts.

We have all kinds of T-shirts just waiting to be personalised. Create your T-shirt and we’ll personalise it for you.

Products & Services

Athletic wear

Brands, clubs, gymnasiums, organisations, companies, etc., develop the image for their athletic garments and accessories. More and more, they are taking care of details and customising them. Marking on athletic textiles and/or technical fabrics requires knowledge of their characteristics, as well as great experience when stamping. Each textile, each technique and each ink demands specialised knowledge to get the job done.

Our experience in the sector means we have adapted to market needs. Not only do we offer printing services; our work can also undertake the entire development process, from design to logistics for the end delivery. As such, we can offer a comprehensive service to cover all needs for athletic customisation. Sewing service and supply of athletic accessories are included. We also have high production capacity, thanks to our management organisational model.


All advertising bears the implicit intent to communicate an idea, to promote a brand or an event. Therefore, communication tools are the perfect method of expression to this end. Communicating is the best way to advertise. Media and possibilities are endless. Discover some of them here and ask us if you have an idea. Please ask!


Specialists in industrial textile marking for large fashion brands, entire campaigns, comprehensive service.

Industrial screen printing

Industrial screen printing is the production process whose purpose is to mark materials/parts which, in turn, complete other industrial processes. This process requires huge production quantities and a higher performance and quality degree than any other.

Print shop

Digital printing, both in large and in small format, brought to multiple applications to maximise our products' potential: cards, flyers, catalogues, invitations, posters, etc.

Promotional gift

We have a broad catalogue of promotional items that we can customise with your own design, corporate image or logotype. Merchandising is a fundamental tool to commercialise, promote your brand, advertise your business, personalise an event or even as a gift.

Work Wear

It is increasingly widespread to mark work wear, whether for small or for large companies. More and more, professionals have become aware of how important corporate identity is. They ensure that, in all aspects, the main graphic elements of their "brand" are cared for and consistent. For this reason, corporate colours, typographies, icons, etc., are all the same on stationary and/or digital marketing, and also on staff uniforms. Printing the logotype on work wear is the most customary option, since it is part of the company's visual identity and is the most visible and identifiable icon.

Depending on the company's sector, different garments with different characteristics are used. We work with large suppliers, including Velilla, a national work wear leader.

Over 25 years of experience in the Graphic Arts industry.
Over 3,500 projects carried out over these 25 years of experience.
We have a 12-person team, all experts and trained to provide you with the best service.
We invest with over 500 litres of ink per year, environmentally sustainable and efficient.