Industrial screen printing

Industrial screen printing is the production process whose purpose is to mark materials/parts which, in turn, complete other industrial processes. This process requires huge production quantities and a higher performance and quality degree than any other.

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Métodos de serigrafía

Screen printing on textile

Printing on unfinished textile materials.

Screen printing on plastic

Material widely used in the industry and in everyday life.

Screen printing on methacrylate

Methacrylate is a rigid, crystal-clear thermoplastic material.

Screen printing on polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is highly resistant to impact, has good performance against ageing and UV rays.

Screen printing on polypropylene, polystyrene, polyolefin and polyester

This thermoplastic is widely used in several construction elements.

Screen printing on glass

Printing on different glass for different needs.

Screen printing on metals

We adapt the mark to the need.

Screen printing on wood

A widely-used natural resource in ecological, decorative and/or construction settings.

Industrial signage

We have modern, professional signage machinery that can meet your industrial signage needs.

Printing on Washi or fibre

We work with unusual materials in screen printing.

Screen printing on any material in general

Individualised study of each case.

Applications & Sectors


Both the public and the private construction industry require signage as a preventive and informative measure.

Food Industry

We offer our services to sectors and phases related to the food and drink industries.

Healthcare/Social Services

We have many different possibilities for collaborating with services, staff, and facilities devoted to public and private healthcare.

Tooling machine

These are companies that manufacturing tooling machines.


The automobile industry, and therefore the companies that manufacture vehicles, buses, etc, and their components, are a field to which we offer our services.


With the naval sector, we are talking about shipbuilding and its auxiliary industry: motors, machinery, deck equipment, manufacturers and suppliers of capital goods.


The ensemble of facilities, vehicles and equipment comprising a train and that, therefore, form part of the rail industry, is a field to which we provide our marking services.


These are companies that manufacture elevators, cargo lifts, etc., as well as those that supply parts or capital goods.


We focus on all manufacturers, both of mobile and of fixed cranes.

Textile Industry

Textile market companies, manufacturers of indoor and outdoor textile elements.