Athletic wear

Brands, clubs, gymnasiums, organisations, companies, etc., develop the image for their athletic garments and accessories. More and more, they are taking care of details and customising them. Marking on athletic textiles and/or technical fabrics requires knowledge of their characteristics, as well as great experience when stamping. Each textile, each technique and each ink demands specialised knowledge to get the job done.

Our experience in the sector means we have adapted to market needs. Not only do we offer printing services; our work can also undertake the entire development process, from design to logistics for the end delivery. As such, we can offer a comprehensive service to cover all needs for athletic customisation. Sewing service and supply of athletic accessories are included. We also have high production capacity, thanks to our management organisational model.


We accompany you in the process of designing and redesigning your athletic wear.


Experience in industrial textile marking for athletic wear, either pre-sewn pieces or final garments.


Service for developing your athletic wear with your colours.

Athletic accessories

Accessories to practise every athletic discipline.

Specialised handling

We offer comprehensive service for clothing handling.